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John Howie Steak: A Dining Destination For Whiskey Lovers!

By Nabanita Dutt | March 8, 2019

Four years ago, Chef John Howie put his General Manager to a test. “Make me the best whiskey list in the Pacific Northwest,” he said. GM Tim Lodahl gamely took up the challenge, and 650-700 bottles later, it is now safe to say the premier steakhouse in Bellevue offers a very impressive selection of some…


Vegan Sushi? That’s Right! Healthy, Tasty And Now Being Served By Chef Wayne Taniguchi At Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar

By Nabanita Dutt | February 24, 2019

Meet Wayne Taniguchi, the sushi chef at Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar. As one of Bellevue’s premier seafood eateries, you’d expect a lot of fresh catches from the sea in Wayne’s sushis, but vegan sushis are all the rage right now and he has 15 vegan versions on custom order, plus one (a Tempura fried…


Oysters At Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar — And Two Wines To Pair With Them

By Nabanita Dutt | February 6, 2019

It’s always oyster season at Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar in Bellevue, WA. You don’t have to wait for the months with an `R’ in them (September to April) because the summer break in wild oyster harvesting to let them spawn doesn’t apply to commercially raised oysters that are strictly regulated for both safety and…


Truffles: 4 Reasons Why These Mega Aromatic Fungi Have Taken The World Of Modern Gastronomy By Storm

By Nabanita Dutt | January 23, 2019

So what’s going on? How did the world suddenly fall so in love with truffles? True, these fungi, or tuber, are an experience like no other. Their aroma is so deeply complex, and so indescribably sensuous, that comparisons are often made between the earthy scent of truffles and sex. It’s a musky, mysterious sort of…


Are Oysters Really An Aphrodisiac? Or Is It Just A Shucking Myth?

By Nabanita Dutt | January 21, 2019

“We sucked them [oysters] in, one by one, after placing them on each other’s tongue. Voluptuous reader, try it, and tell me whether it is not the nectar of the Gods!” That’s a quote from the diary of Casanova, the famous Italian playboy who left a trail of love and heartbreak as he hopped from…


Bloody Mary: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About One Of The World’s Most Fascinating Cocktails

By Nabanita Dutt | January 15, 2019

# 1: The Classic Bloody Mary Recipe  Ingredients – Lemon Juice: ½ tsp – Vodka: 2 oz – Tomato Juice: 4 oz – Tabasco: 2 dashes – Horseradish: 2 tsps – Worcestershire Sauce: 2 dashes – Celery Salt: 1 pinch – Pepper: 1 pinch – Paprika: 1 pinch   Method – Add ingredients in an ice-filled…


New Dessert Wine Menu At John Howie Steak – From Heady To The Sublime

By Nabanita Dutt | December 16, 2018

Most restaurants don’t sell a lot of dessert wines, but at John Howie Steak, we know how dessert wines are the perfect way to finish off a meal. Dessert wines are sweet but often they tend to be lower in alcohol, and you’ll enjoy drinking it in a small amount. Like a kiss at the…

Steaks To Go – Enjoy John Howie Steaks In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

By Nabanita Dutt | December 14, 2018

Steaks are a wonderful treat to be able to cook at home, and Steaks To Go by John Howie may be just the thing you need to make your Holiday and New Year celebration meals really special this year! At-home delivery of quality steak products is not a new concept by any stretch but Steaks To Go has completely…


4 Reasons Why Beardslee Public House Is The Best Family-Friendly Restaurant In Bothell WA – And Why Kids Love Eating There!

By Nabanita Dutt | December 10, 2018

The name Beardslee Public House doesn’t exactly sound `child-friendly’, does it? After all, public house means a tavern or a bar, and sure enough, Beardslee has built its reputation over the years for excellent craft beers and home distilled spirits. But 2018 has been a makeover year for this beverage and fine dining hotspot, and…


A Neat Holiday Gift Idea For Someone Who Has Everything: A Limited-Edition Sampling Of Dark Door Bourbon!

By Nabanita Dutt | December 1, 2018

Here’s another chance for people who missed out on Wildwood Spirit’s limited release of Dark Door bourbon earlier this year. The bourbon, aromatic with the flavors of toffee, caramel, orange flowers and vanilla, has been marvelously handcrafted with locally-sourced WA corn, and aged in rare, artisanal oak barrels for maximum wood-spirit interaction. “We relied on…