A Pandemic Bright Spot: Feeding My Community

The last three months have been the most challenging time I have experienced as a restaurateur. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have – like so many small business owners – completely changed every aspect of the way our restaurant operates and made some difficult, even painful, decisions in the process. Amidst all…

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Chef John Howie’s Eastside Pop Up is coming to Issaquah!

John Howie Restaurants Issaquah Pop Up (Friday’s Only) Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar, John Howie SteakBeardslee Public House and Brewery and Wildwood Spirits Co.Thank you for your support these past few months…If you have been missing the comfort and quality of a great restaurant experience, we are here for you! We are NOW open, with…

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Celebrating our Mothers

Mother’s Day 2020 Are you wondering how to plan a special Mother’s Day at home for the amazing mom in your life? Our teams at John Howie Steak (Bellevue), Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar (Bellevue) and Beardslee Public House (Bothell) have each created several delicious (and simple!) prepare-at-home options that are sure to delight the…

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