Food Delivery From Beardslee Public House: We Match Our Dine-In Experience With Your At-Home One!

Beardslee Home Delivery tator tots instead of fries

Beardslee Food Delivery

Q: What drives 51% of Americans these days to get food delivered from their favorite restaurants?

A: Comfort.

Comfort of easy ordering via food delivery apps and eating `comfort’ foods in front of the TV with family and friends after an exhausting day at work.

Beardslee Public House has become a destination for connoisseurs of made-from-scratch comfort food in Bothell, WA, and for long, our guests have been saying how they wish they could enjoy our food at home.

We listened!

And we agreed to make our menu available on GrubHub and Uber Eats to serve you, just as you asked.

However, given the scratch nature of our food — we grind our own meat, bake our own fresh bread and create artisanal cured meats in a specialized charcuterie kitchen – we wondered how we could make your home experience as close as possible to what you expect when you dine in at our restaurant.

The biggest challenge, of course, was the French fries. How to keep them fresh and crisp during the journey from our kitchen to your home? (And yes, McDonald’s is still struggling to find that answer. Their solution was to use paper bags instead of boxes, but their fries are still moist and soggy when they arrive at your doorstep.)

At Beardslee, our French fries are made in-house, punched from whole potatoes every day by our cooks. While this provides our guests with a delicious, tasty, crunchy side to complement their food when they dine at the restaurant, our fries are without all those unhealthy, `fast food’ preservatives that would help them stay reasonably fresh through the delivery process. 

We brainstormed, our most experienced chefs weighed in, and finally, we came up with a solution.

Substituting French fries with tater tots! 

They stay hot and crispy on their way to you, so you don’t miss the delight of perfectly-fried potatoes which makes every meal you order so much more complete.

Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. We understand that time is a precious commodity these days, especially with millennials, but you need the comfort of your favorite foods, as and when you want it.

We’re working hard to make sure your at-home Beardslee experience is as satisfying as your restaurant one. We love to host you when you come to us, of course. But we don’t want to compete with your favorite TV show when you’re tired or hungry either.

Who says, you cannot have the best of both worlds?