Shhhh… We Are Dining, And Not At The Bar At Beardslee Public House

Noise abatement at Beardslee

Restaurants are noisy. Especially the most popular ones.

Beardslee Public House in Bothell, WA, is both a family restaurant and a bar and we know how noisy it can get when a scratch-cuisine restaurant comes together with a crowded bar. You, our dining guests, have told us.

So we’re separating the two. Sound-wise. Because your comfort is our pleasure.

We want our guests in both venues to feel comfortable, at home, and enjoying their time with us. We want our dining room guests to be quite unaware of the bar, because we’re also a family restaurant and we want to take especial care of our little guests.

We’re making improvements to be sure that you will never know there is a bar on the premises. And vice versa.

Here’s what we have done so far:

We have acoustic padding installed throughout our bar and dining room areas, which we will keep adding over time. These installations are greatly reducing the bouncing of sound around our high-ceilinged restaurant, even on busy Saturday nights.

This fall, we will be redesigning our dining room to include a few new features. The most impactful of these will be a double-sided banquette that will break up the room (and therefore the sound!), as well as help to provide a more comfortable, intimate dining experience for families.

 We will be adding carpet to the central portion of the room that will not only help with additional sound abatement but will enhance the warm, comfortable vibe even further.

Keep giving us feedback! We work round the clock to give you the best experience and we are committed to make Beardslee the best restaurant in Bothell. 

Your command is our wish, and we want to make sure you never have to go elsewhere!