Beardslee’s 2019 Home Brew Competition: Honoring The Commitment Of Home Brewing Hobbyists!

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Beardslee Public House (BPH) announces its 2019 Home Brew Competition!

We provide the Amber Wort to start your beer. You create the best beer you can for judges (chosen by Beardslee’s head brewer, Drew Cluley) who will appraise the entries in accordance to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines.

The beer can be brewed to any style the home brewer chooses, within the confines of our ability to re-create the beer on our large system (i.e. no ice bocks).

Participants will provide a copy of their recipe, and must indicate the style they wish to be judged under — Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, ESB, Amber Lager, Alt, Belgian Abby Ale etc.

The judging will take place on September 19th, and winners will be announced on September 20th.

The winning beer will be brewed between September 23rd and October 4th, with a release date set for the end of October. There will be a release party to mark the occasion and all competition brewers will be invited back. First pint of the winning brew will be $1 for competitors, and all of our crowlers will be available for $5 each during the release party.

This is a rare chance for all you home brewers in Bothell and Greater Seattle area to showcase your brews. Your recipes and brewing efforts will be appraised by experts in the business, and you’ll receive feedback that can take your brewing skills to the next level. There will be opportunities to network with fellow home brewers, and winning a major home brew competition will give you credibility and some serious bragging rights!



1st place:

  • Brew the winning beer recipe at BPH with head brewer Drew Cluley. Lunch and beer(s) provided.
  • A Beardslee Mug Club membership for the remainder of our inaugural MC year (until April 1st, 2020), and tee shirt.
  • 6 32-oz Crowlers of the winning beer.
  • $50 gift certificate to BPH.


2nd Place:

  • A Beardslee Mug Club membership for the remainder of our inaugural MC year (until April 1st, 2020).
  • 2 32-oz Crowlers of the winning beer.
  • $25 Gift Certificate to BPH.


3rd Place:

  • A Beardslee Mug Club membership for the remainder of our inaugural MC year (until April 1st, 2020).
  • 1 32-oz Crowler of the winning beer.



Sign Up Details

1) This contest is limited to the first 50 entries.

2) To sign up, please email us at: [email protected] with your name, age (must be 21 or older) and zipcode.

3) Deadline for sign-ups: 12 pm, August 9th.


Collect Your Free Amber Wort

1) We will provide 4.5-6.0 gallons of Amber Wort, which must be picked up on Sunday, August 11th, between 12 pm – 1:30 pm. (Pick-up location: Beardslee Public House, 19116 Beardslee Blvd #201, Bothell, WA 98011.)

2) A $10 cash deposit will be collected on wort delivery day and returned when 3 22-oz bottles are dropped off for judging. If a beer does not return for entry in the competition the deposit is forfeit.

3) We will fill YOUR sanitized carboy or bucket with an approximate 14.5 deg Lovibond color un hopped / un boiled wort (pasteurized to 180 degrees for 10 min ) – starting gravity around 1.058 (14.5 plato ). We will provide the malt bill / mash details when registration closes on August 9th via email as well as on wort pick up day August 11th. Wort will be chilled to less then 90 degrees Fahrenheit for safe transporting.

4) A person can pick up a second carboy for someone not able to attend the pick up day ( August 11th)  if scheduled ahead of time.


Brew Your Beer

1) You will create a beer for judging, and all extra steps (boiling, bottling, etc.) and ingredients (additional fermentables, hops, spices, yeast etc.) will be provided by you, the home brewer.

2) Judging will be for Best of Show — judged under the guidelines of the style you declare — as in “most desirable beer” to be scaled up for our Autumn seasonal release.

3) 3 22-oz bottles, which comprise your entry, is due at BPH by 8 pm on September 16th.


Judging & Announcements

1) Judging will take place on September 19th.

2) Winners will be announced ( via  email ) on September 20th.

Good luck!