Zalto Wine Glasses – Why They Are Special, And Why We Use them At John Howie Restaurants

Zalto wine glasses

How important is a wine glass to a wine experience?

Connoisseurs will tell you that presentation is key for an appreciation that involves our senses of touch, taste, sight and smell. It’s a multisensory affair that simply wouldn’t be complete without the right stemware.

Which is why we serve our guests at John Howie Steak and Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar in world-famous luxury stemware created by Zalto. “At Seastar we have what is considered to be an all-purpose, Zalto Universal glass, as well as the Zalto Champagne,” says Wine Director Erik Liedholm. “John Howie Steak has the same, plus the Zalto Bordeaux and the Zalto Sweet Wine glass.”

Mouth-blown, lead free and light as air, these crystal glasses tilt at the angle of the earth to get the best of the aroma and flavor characteristics. And they’re products of excellent craftsmanship with a history that goes back six generations to the artisanal spirit of Venice, Italy.

Crystalline glasses had its origins in the island of Murano in Venice, where the Zalto family perfected glassmaking, before taking their craft with them to Austria.

And with the release of the Denk’Art line in 2006, the world finally found a line of stemware with a unique architecture that did the highest justice to the drink it delivers.

Holding an elegant Zalto glass with ultra-thin bowls feels good in the hand.  It enhances the pleasures of drinking by allowing the wine to fully show itself off. And as we love to celebrate good wines at John Howie Steak and Seastar, we also love to support our award-winning wine programs with the most perfect glasses that are praised and adored by the finest wine sommeliers in the world!