Bloody Mary: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About One Of The World’s Most Fascinating Cocktails

Fun facts about bloody Mary cocktail

# 1: The Classic Bloody Mary Recipe


– Lemon Juice: ½ tsp

– Vodka: 2 oz

– Tomato Juice: 4 oz

– Tabasco: 2 dashes

– Horseradish: 2 tsps

– Worcestershire Sauce: 2 dashes

– Celery Salt: 1 pinch

– Pepper: 1 pinch

– Paprika: 1 pinch



– Add ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Shake lightly and serve.


# 2: Who Invented The Bloody Mary?

 A Fernand Petiot from Harry’s New York Bar in Paris is often held up as the creator of the cocktail. When Prohibition came, Petiot moved to Manhattan where he took the drink with him and tarted it up with Tabasco Sauce, horseradish, lemon juice and celery salt.


#3: Tomato Juice Cocktail + Vodka

Born in the 1930s, the Bloody Mary was a spirit child of 2 beverages that were extremely popular at the time: the Tomato Juice Cocktail and Vodka.

Many restaurants in the United States served Tomato Juice Cocktail as a first course that became popular during the Prohibition years (1920-1933). The recipe called for:

– 4 oz of cold, tomato juice

– 4 drops of Worcestershire Sauce

– 1 tbsp of lemon juice

– Salt to taste

Then came vodka from Russia after World War II that was marketed as “White Whiskey” in the United States. The spirit, which is essentially flavorless, did not catch on however until it was mixed – first as a Moscow Mule cocktail (vodka + ginger beer + lime juice) and later as a Bloody Mary.


# 4: Why Bloody Mary?

Opinions are divided on how Bloody Mary got its name. Some believe the beverage was named after Mary Tudor, Queen of England, who was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” for the rampage of killings she caused to re-establish the Catholic Church in England.

Another story claims the name was suggested by American entertainer Roy Barton as a homage to his favorite waitress (a Mary) at the Chicago nightclub, `Bucket of Blood’. The club was rumored to be using dirty, bloody mop water that the cleaning staff would throw out on the streets after removing evidence of bloody brawls that took place almost nightly on the premises.


# 5: Bloody Mary Variations

Variations of Bloody Mary include: Bloody Maria (vodka swapped with tequila), Bloody Caeser (tomato juice swapped with clamato juice), Michelada (vodka swapped with a Mexican Cerveza, like Modelo or Corona), Maria Verde (vodka swapped with gin and a tomatillo sauce) and Bloody Pirate (vodka swapped with rum).


# 6: What’s With The Celery Stick?

How did the celery stick become such an integral part of a Bloody Mary presentation? Apparently, using a celery stick as garnish originated in 1960 at Chicago’s Ambassador East Hotel when an impatient customer didn’t get a swizzle stick with his Bloody Mary, and grabbed the first thing he could find to use as a stirrer – a stick of celery off a nearby relish plate.


# 7: The Miracle Hangover Cure

Bloody Mary makes a great `hair-of-the-dog’ hangover drink, with its combination of a vegetable base (to soothe the stomach), salt (to replenish electrolytes) and alcohol (to relieve post-drinking aches and pains).


# 8: National Bloody Mary Day

January 1st is celebrated as National Bloody Mary Day. Probably because of all the hangovers being nursed on the day after New Year’s Eve!


# 9: In-Flight Cocktail Of Choice

Bloody Mary is touted as a popular choice of cocktail on an airplane. In a taste experiment, it was discovered that while sweet flavors were hard to pick out in a high-altitude, `noisy’ environment like an airline cabin, the savory flavors of tomatoes were much easier to enjoy.


# 10: Try a Bloody Mary made with Stark Vatten vodka!

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