Steaks To Go – Enjoy John Howie Steaks In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Steaks are a wonderful treat to be able to cook at home, and Steaks To Go by John Howie may be just the thing you need to make your Holiday and New Year celebration meals really special this year!

At-home delivery of quality steak products is not a new concept by any stretch but Steaks To Go has completely changed customer expectations by offering two things they’re getting nowhere else – the largest selection of the same 7 tiers of steak that is offered at John Howie Steak, the Northwest’s premier steakhouse, and a quality assurance that is unrivaled as well.

Largest Selection Of The Finest Steaks

Ours is a one-of-a-kind, 7 tier program, including the 28 Day, 35 Day, 42 Day and 70 Day custom-aged USDA prime beef from Omaha, American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms, Australian Wagyu beef from Sher Farms and the famous Japanese A5 Full Blood Wagyu beef from the Miyazaki or Kagoshima prefectures in Kyushu, Japan.

“We have the largest selection of steaks that you’ll probably find in any one website,” says Executive Chef Mark Hipkiss. “Typically, if you go to say Omaha Steaks, they only offer USDA Choice or USDA Prime. If you go to the Snake River Farms website, they only sell their own products. To be able to go to one website and be able to order all these different steaks, and also be able to buy them in as little as one piece at a time, is something that only we are doing at the moment.”

Each steak is hand cut to our stringent specifications, carefully packaged and partnered with the perfect seasoning and cooking instructions.

High Quality Guaranteed By Freshness

Another important differentiator is that the steaks from John Howie’s Steak To Go program are never frozen!

“Steaks taste much better when they are fresh and not frozen, and to the best of my knowledge, we are the only website that ships fresh,” says Mark Hipkiss. “Everybody else is shipping frozen steaks that are not cut to order. We cut the steaks only after we receive the order, and we deliver anywhere in the United States in one day or overnight, depending what shipping choice you want.”

“From our house to yours” is the Steak To Go philosophy – and it’s not just steaks, either! You can get a wonderful selection of handpicked sea salts and our own house blend steak seasoning to complement the beef.

All in one place and all ready to ship out today to make your year-end celebrations even more memorable.

Visit us at Steaks To Go by simply clicking here.