A Pre-Halloween Crow Fest In Bothell – And Black Crow Licorice Stout Beer At Beardslee For Just $ 2!


A mysterious gathering of thousands of crows takes place at the UW/Cascadia Campus in Bothell during fall/winter every year, and it is a stunning sight to see. Just as dusk begins to its cast long shadows over the campus grounds and the sky is stained with the orange light of a fading sun, clouds of crows come swarming overhead like a shroud of darkness, creating a dystopian scene of menace and awe-inspiring beauty that is more surreal than any make-believe Halloween decoration you can ever buy at Party City.

This year, Bothell Parks & Recreation is hosting its first ever `Crow Watch’ on October 27th, from 3 pm-6:30 pm, so people can come and enjoy a full-blown experience of this incredible, natural spectacle, three days prior to Halloween.

Besides the Crow Watch itself, there will be interactive displays, presentations from UW/Cascadia professors, native storytelling, and so much more to fill you with the sensation that Halloween is definitely in the air.

As a member of our thriving Bothell community, Beardslee Public House is supporting the Crow Watch with a special offer for guests who have tickets to the event.

Show us your ticket from the event and enjoy a pint of our Black Crow Licorice Stout on the night of the Crow Watch for just $2!

Black Crow Licorice Stout is a perfect craft beer to suit the mood of the occasion, and at just $2, the pre-Halloween party can go on, long after the crows have settled down to roost for the night on the treetops of UW’s 58-acre North Creek Wetlands…


Event Details:

Crow Watch 2018
Saturday, October 27th, 3 pm-6:30 pm
UW/Cascadia Campus, Bothell
Admission: Free
For more information, visit: https://www.uwb.edu/visitors/crows

* Special beer pricing available at Beardslee Public House from 4:00 pm until close with presentation of event ticket