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How To Pair Food And Wine At John Howie Steak: The Wine Director Weighs In

Choosing a suitable wine to go with your meal is a complex affair these days. International foods and wines are intermingling so freely, that the old maxim of “red goes with red meat and white goes with fish” doesn’t work so well anymore. After all, how do you categorize `meat’ when it could be anything…

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Meet Chris Lara – The Man Behind The Wine At John Howie Steak

  Chris Lara has been Wine Director at John Howie Steak (JHS) for three-and-a-half years now. If you’re a regular at this premier Bellevue steakhouse, you probably know Chris Lara as the guy who’s always encouraging you to try a big, bold Barolo with your Wagyu instead of the usual cabernets and cab blends. Or…

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