Get Advanced Reservations For Dark Door Bourbon

In response to the excitement about the two barrels of wheated bourbon currently maturing to perfection at Wildwood’s distillery, we are thrilled to announce advance reservations for the Spring 2018 limited release of Dark Door Bourbon.
These special bottles will be hand numbered and signed by Wildwood Spirits Co. co-owners and distillers. Purchasing a Wildwood Spirits gift card ($80 or more) entitles the holder to an exclusive reservation for a first-batch bottle of Dark Door Bourbon. Gift cards need not be saved for the availability of Dark Door and may be used immediately for anything sold by Wildwood Spirits Co., including the currently available portfolio of award-winning gin and vodka.
Dark Door reservation redemption instructions:
  • Persons holding a reservation number will be the first to receive notification of Dark Door’s release date, before it is announced to the public.
  • To purchase once available, visit the Wildwood Spirits Co. tasting room and present the reservation number.
  • Bottles will be sold in ascending numerical order.
  • Retail price is $63.75 per bottle; $79.65 with tax.
  • Reserved bottles must be purchased in person at the Wildwood Spirits Co. tasting room within one month of the whiskey’s release date.
  • After 30 days, reservations will no longer be held.

Make your reservation by visiting Wildwood Spirits Co.’s tasting room, open from 2-7pm Wednesday through Sunday, or by appointment at 425-286-1002.

Wildwood Spirits Co. tasting room is photographed on Jan. 15, 2016, in Bothell, Wash. (Photo by Kevin Fujii)