Bacon Sandwich is cure for a hangover

It’s the party season of the year when hangovers are a daily occurrence and you’re probably wishing you had an extra, drinking head to take out to social engagements every evening. Tums and aspirin and Alka Seltzer are all very well, but when you’re feeling like the inner lining of your stomach has been corroded away by too much alcohol the morning after, any thought of introducing food into that wounded, hungry sack is too painful to countenance. This is when you have to force yourself to stumble into the kitchen and make a breakfast of bacon sandwich. Not because you need chastening for drinking too much, but because bacon sandwich is the scientific recipe for a hangover cure.

Not just bacon, not just any sandwich, but a bacon-sandwich. Here’s why:

The first reason is the obvious one about getting some food into your system. Food will not soak up the alcohol, but it will speed up metabolism and help the body to get rid of the booze more quickly.

The second is the unique combination of bacon and bread. When large volumes of alcohol have depleted brain neurotransmitters, bacon can come in with its protein-richness and amino acids to top these up and immediately make you feel better. Bread, the bad boy of carbs, happens to be a boon for hangovers as it is full of yeast which has plenty of vitamin B. Your liver needs the help of vitamin B to process all the alcohol you dumped on it last evening.

Research has proved something else about the effect a bacon sandwich on hangover. Apparently, the mere smell of bacon frying in the fan can start the post-hangover healing process. Certain amino acids and sugars are released into the air when bacon is heated above 150 degrees centigrade, which creates a physiological effect known to scientists as The Maillard Reaction.

There you have it. Now go get drunk. And eat a bacon sandwich.