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Where’s Chef Howie? October 31, 2019 – Happy Halloween!

By Chef John Howie | November 1, 2019

Last week I hopped back into the business with both feet, preparing menus for the upcoming Seattle Restaurant week, new recipes for my Costco project, attending and helping to prepare a five course meal for attendees of the Special Olympics Tasting Room Event held at Freemont Studios. The event was a great success as many…

Chef John Howie and Gene Sauers at Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club - Photograph by AnneMarie Zarba

Where’s Chef Howie?

By Chef John Howie | October 21, 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019 After an enjoyable week of vacation R&R (golf, sunshine and beaches), I am happy to be back!  While I was away, our restaurant group hosted groups who purchased experiences we donated to Medical Teams International and Bellevue LifeSpring. I am proud to say we have donated more than $6 million to local charitable organizations since 2002, and I couldn’t…

Beardslee Home Delivery tator tots instead of fries

Food Delivery From Beardslee Public House: We Match Our Dine-In Experience With Your At-Home One!

By | October 17, 2019

Beardslee Food Delivery Q: What drives 51% of Americans these days to get food delivered from their favorite restaurants? A: Comfort. Comfort of easy ordering via food delivery apps and eating `comfort’ foods in front of the TV with family and friends after an exhausting day at work. Beardslee Public House has become a destination for…


Shhhh… We Are Dining, And Not At The Bar At Beardslee Public House

By | October 12, 2019

Noise abatement at Beardslee Restaurants are noisy. Especially the most popular ones. Beardslee Public House in Bothell, WA, is both a family restaurant and a bar and we know how noisy it can get when a scratch-cuisine restaurant comes together with a crowded bar. You, our dining guests, have told us. So we’re separating the two.…

John Howie Steak

How Do Restaurants Create Compensation Equality in the Washington State Food Service Industry?

By Chef John Howie | July 31, 2019

In the news recently, you may have seen Washington’s rising minimum wage blamed as the reason some Seattle Area restaurants are struggling and even closing. While the minimum wage certainly presents one challenge, there are numerous factors contributing to the economic shortfalls faced by restaurants. Regardless, I believe restaurateurs can survive – and even thrive – while also living up to…

beer home brewer competition beardslee public house bothell

Beardslee’s 2019 Home Brew Competition: Honoring The Commitment Of Home Brewing Hobbyists!

By | July 29, 2019

Beardslee Public House (BPH) announces its 2019 Home Brew Competition! We provide the Amber Wort to start your beer. You create the best beer you can for judges (chosen by Beardslee’s head brewer, Drew Cluley) who will appraise the entries in accordance to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. The beer can be brewed to any style the…

Zalto wine glasses

Zalto Wine Glasses – Why They Are Special, And Why We Use them At John Howie Restaurants

By | July 24, 2019

How important is a wine glass to a wine experience? Connoisseurs will tell you that presentation is key for an appreciation that involves our senses of touch, taste, sight and smell. It’s a multisensory affair that simply wouldn’t be complete without the right stemware. Which is why we serve our guests at John Howie Steak and Seastar Restaurant…

Wine Spectator restaurant awards

`Best Of Awards Of Excellence’ Again For John Howie Steak And Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar — Thank You, Wine Spectator Magazine!

By | July 19, 2019

  Curation is an art, and never more so in the restaurant business than in the hands of a sommelier who can put together an immaculate wine program. Robust wines by the glass, pricing, pairing with the food and ambience – a lot goes into the presentation of a wine list that impresses and instructs,…


How We Serve Champagne At John Howie Steak And Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar

By | May 28, 2019

Champagne is special. The glass you drink it out of is special too. Most people associate Champagne glasses with the flute, but here’s the thing: that is not your only choice. The experience of Champagne can be remarkably altered by the shape of the glass you are using. So you always want to `pair’ a…


At John Howie Steak, We’re Celebrating World Whiskey Day!

By | May 16, 2019

Today’s May 18th — World Whiskey Day. A day when connoisseurs and newbies alike, celebrate whiskey by raising a glass or two to what is arguably the greatest spirit in the world. At John Howie Steak (JHS), we’re passionate about whiskey. We do like to serve the sort of whisky we can justifiably be proud…